I'm new here - looking for help


58 years young and noticing I’m getting bigger, energy levels dropping, and now becoming impotent. Can’t seem to maintain an erection, any idea on how to get it working again?

Hi bro. Have u checked out these articles? What is Erectile Dysfunction? | Erectile Dysfunction | Erectile Dysfunction Treatment | Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Maybe u should go to the doctor? Can be an awkward one to talk about but always best to get it checked. Maybe a phone consultation would be less weird?

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Thanks. Read through these, really helpful.

I think I am going to take you up on your suggestion. I will see if I can get a phone consultation booked in with my local doc- it can definitely be an awkward discussion…

You can find a conversation guide to support you in speaking to your doctor or nurse about erectile dysfunction on the TRTed Content Hub. It can be a difficult conversation, but it’s a crucial step to ensure you get your problems solved as soon as possible. You can find the conversation guide here