**How we moderate the forum?**

How is the forum moderated?

We take forum moderation extremely seriously to ensure any posts against the TRTed forum rules are deleted as soon as possible. The rules and guidelines are pinned at the top of each category to clearly outline the expected behaviours of everyone who uses the forum.

Every day, there’s a dedicated time slot for the TRTed team to run through all new posts and replies on the forum to ensure they comply with the TRTed forum rules. The TRTed team have developed notification words, which are suspicious words that could imply a post is in violation of the TRTed forum rules. A notification will be received immediately by a member of the TRTed team, and the post will be reviewed.

What you can do to help

If you see any inappropriate posts that you believe are violating our rules, please click on the three dots at the bottom of the post and then click on the flag to ensure a member of the TRTed team is notified and the post will be reviewed immediately.