**Welcome to the TRTed Community!**

Welcome welcome to the TRTED community!

Now you’re here – you may be wondering what this forum is for? How can this forum benefit me? Or even, how do I use this forum?

Well, luckily – we’re here to help guide you.

What is this forum for?

Excellent question. This forum is for men who wish to share their personal experiences in men’s health issues, and support others on their journey, while also discussing the latest topics in men’s health through community-knowledge sharing.

How can this forum benefit me?

Well, do you have any unanswered questions about men’s health issues? Do you have any nuggets of information to share with others? Maybe you would like to discuss a new piece of information that’s caught your eye? Or you would like to hear other people’s thoughts on the TRTED blog articles?

How do I use this forum?

Although the TRTED Community forum may seem a little complicated initially – it’s actually quite easy to use!

We have set up ‘’Tags’’ intended to bucket content into one safe space. You can flick through these tags by clicking on the ‘’Open-access forum’’ and searching for a tag that most interests you, whether it’s sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction, or you’re looking for support and information on diabetes or obesity.

To contribute to a discussion, simply click on ‘’Reply’’ on a topic (at the bottom of the page) and add your thoughts.

If you would like to create a new post, simply click on ‘’New topic’’ and assign your post a tag. Once you have finished writing up your post, simply click on ‘’Create topic’’ and you’re ready to go!

Any questions?

If you do have any questions on how to use the forum…. Don’t hesitate to post them below! If you would like to read through the forum rules, you can find them here.

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