Weight Loss Tips

Would anyone recommend a a certain type of diet or programme for losing weight? I really want to make some healthy changes this year and want a plan to give me a rough guide.

Hey man. Weight loss can be easy if done correctly. I’m a 53 years old, used be fat, have ED, and was depressed and binged all the time. The best advice I can give you is to throw out all junk food and fill up your fridge with as many high fibre low calorie foods as possible. It’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to not lose weight if you’re only eating such low calorie foods. Think broccoli, potatoes (boiled), beans, lean meats - CUT OUT ALL sweets, highly processed foods, takeaways. Look online for low calorie large volume foods, and fill your plate up with them. Good luck

i go for an 80/20 approach myself. 80% of the time try to eat whole foods which are nutrient dense and 20% of the time is to enjoy life.

keeping a healthy weight is important but don’t let it dominate ur life!!! u could miss out on some important memories and YOLO.