Speak out if you need help

Welcome to the TRTed Community!

This forum is a safe space to discuss and share personal experiences, and support others on their journey while building knowledge in men’s health.

Men often find it difficult to speak out

As you may or may not be aware, men often find it difficult to talk about health issues - particularly mental and sexual health. And this can have serious consequences.


Because not only do men avoid talking about these issues, but they are also less likely to disclose them to their healthcare professionals. This can lead to the underlying issues not being resolved, while increasing the risk of the problems getting worse.

When to visit your healthcare professional

If you have arrived at this forum and you’re experiencing a particular health issue, it’s first and foremost important to iterate that we always recommend visiting your healthcare professional to get the help and advice you need. The TRTed Community is here to help support you on that journey.