How to use the Join The Conversation Category

How to use the Join The Conversation Category

Welcome to the Join The Conversation Category!

Need help navigating the forum? We’re here to help guide you to make navigating and using this forum as easy as possible!

How to find topics that interest me?

In the forum, you can see a list of ‘Tags’ which allow you to choose specific topics of interest. For example, if you click on the ‘Erectile dysfunction’ tag, you will see all topics and conversations that relate to erectile dysfunction. The tags cover a broad range of health topics to make it easy for you to find health topics that interest you.

What are categories?

Categories are specified groups, the places you go to within the forum to make a new post. Each category has its intended purpose. This is the ‘Join The Conversation’ category and is intended for all men who want to engage in men’s health conversations. You can see other categories on the forum, such as the ‘Recommended Reading’ and the ‘TRTed Blog’, which are designated spaces to read through the essentials, and keep up to date with the latest TRTed Blogs.

What should I post?

There’s no pressure or need to post anything if you don’t want to. However, if you do have any questions to ask the TRTed Community, if you are looking for support in your men’s health journey, or if you simply want to share some new information, then don’t hesitate to make a new post within the Join The Conversation Community.

How to make a new post?

Simply click on the ‘Join The Conversation’, and then click on ‘New Topic’, afterwards, you’ll see a template pop up - this is where to write your post. Give your post a title, and then assign your post a tag. Choose the tag that is most relevant to your post. Afterwards, click on ‘Create Topic’, and your post will be live!

How to join in a conversation

Simply click on the topic that has taken your interest, and at the very bottom you will see an option to ‘Reply’, after clicking on ‘Reply’, simply write down your contribution to the discussion, and after clicking ‘Reply’, your response to the conversation will be live!