Community Rules


These guidelines help ensure we all keep the forum a friendly place. Please follow them at all times:

  • Be kind: Do not post or private message anything which could be considered or perceived to be either offensive, abusive, or hate speech

  • Be considerate: Keep discussions friendly at all times. Do not harass or trouble anyone, impersonate people, or expose their private information

  • Protect and respect privacy: This is a public forum. Search engines index these discussions. Never disclose your identity or the identity of others. Please follow safe internet practices

  • Respect our guidelines: Please follow these guidelines always. Any breaches of guidelines will result in immediate termination of user account

Posts that will be deleted or edited

The following posts will be deleted immediately without warning:

  • Posts containing offensive language, personal insults or attacks, innuendo, and any attempts at provocation or flaming

  • Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, disablist, or non-inclusive posts

  • Sexually explicit or obscene posts

  • Posts containing any explicit or implicit offensive or harmful material, including descriptions of self-harm methods, pro-anorexia posts and mention of any suicide methods

  • Posts including names of specific services you are using or have used previously, and real names of any individual(s) working within those services where your or another person’s privacy may be at risk

  • Posts that are intolerant or dismissive of beliefs or religions

  • Posts that are either explicitly or implicitly perceived as religious preaching/proselytising

  • Threads about particular members (e.g. “I haven’t seen…”, “Why is … not commenting…?”, etc.) where the privacy of another person(s) may be at risk

  • Copyrighted material

  • Posts that are irrelevant to the forums purpose

  • Swear words or any offensive words in the title of a post

  • Advertising and spam

  • Duplicate posts

TRTED reserves the right to delete any post for any reason.

Including images or pictures in posts

Posting photos of members and/or their friends and families are forbidden to respect the privacy of others.

Links/quoted text

Links to other platforms, websites, or services, must be accompanied by the reason for including said link, as well as thoughts/discussions/comments.

Discussing moderation on the forum

We do not allow any mention or discussion of specific moderation decisions on the TRTED forum.

Using private messages

Private Messages (under “Message”) serve as a useful tool to connect with others. Do not send any private messages containing offensive or derogatory language, unsolicited advertising, spam, of a sexual nature, or with the intention of entering into a romantic relationship.

Using the TRTED forum for research

Using the forum for research purposes or practices is not permitted by anyone outside of the TRTED organisation.

Forum restrictions

We reserve the right to moderate and/or remove specific forum members’ access to private messages for any reason.

Membership termination

We reserve the right to terminate the TRTED membership of any forum member.

What happens if the guidelines aren’t followed?

Any member who does not follow the guidelines will be subject to immediate account termination without warning.

Remember to be careful of…

Personal safety

Never post anything which could lead to your identity becoming exposed or that could risk your personal safety. If you have done so yourself, or if you spot personal information on the forum from another member’s post please report the post(s) immediately.

Online safety

If you are concerned about your or another member’s safety while using the TRTED forum, please report the post or private message which has caused your concern. This helps us ensure the forum is safe for all community members.

Who you trust online

Never provide any personal information such as your name, address, phone number, or e-mail address when using the forum’s private message system unless you know this person extremely well. Please always keep in mind that people have different motives to request such information. It’s crucial to make sure the person you are considering sharing such information with has genuine motives. TRTED is not responsible for any personal information you share herein with other forum members that could lead to your personal information and safety at risk.

The TRTED privacy policy

All members should make themselves aware of the [TRTED privacy policy].


By using TRTED you agree that you are bound by our disclaimer and our [terms and conditions]

Any advice posted on TRTED is for support and learning purposes only. It should never be intended to act as a substitute for advice by a qualified professional.

By using this forum you agree you will not post any material which is considered to be a violation of these guidelines.